Monday, May 26, 2014

Medication As The Solution

A story appeared not terribly long ago in a natural health magazine that I happened across. In it was detailed the saga of a man who, years ago, had been diagnosed with some bothersome but not life threatening condition for which his doctor had prescribed some medication. Everything was fine for a while and then the man started to develop one of the publicized side effects of the medication. He went back to his doctor who knew exactly what to prescribe to make him feel better again, and he did.

Again, time passed and the man grew older, and as happens he developed another minor, but bothersome condition, but now there was a new doctor who had no real knowledge of the man, or access to his records, but still the doctor was sure of what prescription would be necessary to return the man to normal.

Toward the end of the story it was mentioned that after 20 years the man now had 10 prescriptions that he had to use a sorting device and a spread sheet to keep straight. Some with meals, some on an empty stomach. Some in the morning, some at night. Some every day, some every other day, and all to manage what he has come to suspect was a condition brought on by his diet and lifestyle choices. His employer provided him with access to decent insurance and his co-pays were always generous but even in the best of times he didn’t really feel “good” he just didn’t feel “bad”.

The story ended with him shucking all of his medications except the one or two that his doctor warned him not to suddenly quit and he has found a new doctor who is helping him to wean himself even from those using an intense program of improved diet and physical exercise.

The authors of the story made their points very clear. Many times we seek an easy solution to our problems that then in there turn create problems that require solutions of their own.


Something happens we don’t like? Make a law….. but of course we have to put something in there to keep our friends from being negatively affected. Next year we learn that something else has happened and so now the automatic re-action is to make yet another law…..and another and another, until no one can tell you what the law is.

The complexity of law promotes chicanery, because it makes it easier for those who would abuse us to blend in. Complex laws provide cover for the unethical.

“Comprehensive” and “OMNIBUS” legislation are the enemies of the people of the United States of America.

But that’s just what an average guy thinks.