Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tiger Woods

I’ve decided to write down a few thoughts about Tiger Woods. I know. I know. Blah blah blah. Everyone has stuff to say about Tiger Woods. Well, I’m not like everyone else. I don’t slow down when I pass a traffic accident...... but I DO try to catch a look as I drive by.

So. Tiger Woods. Womanizer? I don’t really like that term, and I don’t really know what it means anyway. What he is is a personable, good looking, famous, rich young man who likes the company of women. He’s a lot like me; except for I’m not nearly so rich, young or famous. He likes the way they look, they way they smell, the way they feel, the sound of their voices, and the way they react to the things HE says and does. AND he’s able to pay for those pleasures.

Why then, given that he was living in what seems to have been a bachelor’s paradise prior to 2004 did he marry Elin Nordegren? She surely fits the profile: white, blonde, very pretty, great figure........ but it doesn’t appear that she was a party girl which makes her a stand out in what now looks to be a crowd. Instead she was working as a nanny, or au pair if you prefer, for a married colleague of Tiger’s.

What we all have just been witness to may have simply been the result of five million years of evolution. On a subconscious level, way back in his lizard brain, Tiger Woods may have simply been selecting a mother for his children. And once the DNA is replicated.... then what? In most relationships (he said as if he knew of what he spoke) the passionate, unstable love of mutual discovery gradually gives way to the steady, secure love of mutual support. In this case that doesn’t seem to have happened. At least not for Tiger. Maybe he gets enough support from his “posse” that we hear so much about. Perhaps Tiger Woods is just an explorer, a man always on a quest for new challenges, a discoverer of love, Ricky Nelson’s “Travel’in Man” of golf.

Whatever the reasons, the deed(s) is(are) done. Elin Nordegren will move back to Sweden with her children. Tiger will not protest as this would make him look like even more of a clod than he already does and damage his brand even further, and as this may have been the subconscious intent all along. After a suitable period of “mourning” he will resume golfing and “dating”. He will be photographed (sans party girl) at cordial family outings with the children and his endorsements will gradually come back.

In the end (in a couple of years) this whole business will be just a sad chapter in the life of another sports personality that we’ve all read and are ready to forget.

And that’s what an average guy thinks.

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