Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Loss Of 2.3 Million Jobs Offers Welcome Choices To American Workers

Today the non partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report that said that because of the effects of the implementation of 0bamaCare 2.3 million jobs would be lost over the next ten years. Also today in the White House press briefing room the presidents chief economist Jason Furman was putting lipstick on this pig and claiming that it was a net positive because now families would have the chance to make choices. He even went so far as to pose what he must not have realized was such an absurd hypothetical that I almost fell out of my chair.

He said something like: suppose someone is working at a job 65 hours a week only because they need the employer provided health care benefit. NOW they will be able to work say….. 35 hours a week, collect a subsidy and still have “insurance”. Never mind of course that even though their premium payments will be subsidized, their co-pays at the doctor and pharmacy will be hiked up and their deductible is sure to increase.

But beyond that absurdity this attitude illustrates just how ignorant these government elitists are of what it’s like to work for, and actually earn a living. Even if you take as an example a semi-skilled worker earning $15/hr. Sixty five long hours of work would give you a gross monthly income of just over $4,900. Of course there are payroll taxes and your contribution to your health care, but that’s where you start from. At thirty five hours your gross pay for the month would drop to $2,220. What working person with responsibilities would voluntarily choose to take a 54% cut in pay? No one in the lower or middle class I can tell you that much for certain.

And what of battle against “income inequality”? Does this “choice” not cut this family’s income in half? Does this not increase income inequality rather than reduce it?


But that's just what an average guy thinks

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