Monday, January 5, 2015


It would appear that there are a whole slew of folks out there who just haven’t thought this whole immigration thing out. They use the “A” word as a weapon against any and all comers. For them the support of what they call amnesty is the greatest sin that a politician can be guilty of. For them amnesty is anything that doesn’t include the physically and morally impossible task of the forced deportation of nominally twelve million individuals. Even if enough buses and semi tractor trailers could be built and brought into service, and even if the courts would allow the confiscation of property and the separation of families, and even if foreign governments would allow the repatriation of citizens long ago departed the nation as a whole would simply not stand for it.

The immigration machinery must be reformed and some process introduced to provide a pathway to legality for those illegals currently here and living an otherwise law abiding life. A pathway to citizenship for those who came to the country illegally should remain unavailable. To refuse to accept these facts is to stand four square in support of the status quo.

Of course concurrently with this taking effect, the borders must be made secure. This is a very simple matter. You simply turn off the magnet. You enforce current immigration law and you make it a punishable offence to hire someone who is undocumented. If they are to be constantly pursued and unceremoniously returned whence they came and are unable to find work they will stop coming. The chamber of commerce is opposed to this as they recognize the economic need for foreign workers. Fine. Let’s get them documented then.

These measures are simple and don’t require two thousand page pieces of “comprehensive” legislation which are simply written to confuse the public and conceal legislative mischief. This problem has a solution, but a part of that solution is for us to stop rewarding politicians who unashamedly and irrationally advocate for the impossible and stop punishing those who seek solutions.

But that’s just what an average guy thinks.

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