Monday, November 17, 2014


So I'm think'n ya know, cause like I'm think'n all the time. And I'm think'n bout what it is that Presidents do when they get into trouble politically during their second terms. Conventional wisdom says that they turn to overseas adventures because they have more control of the narrative. Foreign press isn't hip to their tricks and the people there aren't generally as fed up with the lies. But then I'm think'n....... ya know, cause I'm always think'n..... what does a President do when he turns to over seas adventure because it looks like it'll be easier only to find out that some bastard has planted an IED in the thing and it blows up in his face? What then?

But THEN I'm think'n that this guy 0bama he's a basketball player see? He knows all about those head fakes and jukes’n stuff. He knows about protecting the ball and HIDING the ball.... misdirecting. You think he's going to his left, so he shows you left.... then you give up on that and think he must be go’in right, and so he shows you right. It's all about deceit, and covering your true intentions, basket ball is. So he pivots over seas, and then he pivots back only to find out those nincompoop IT wizards at the IRS can't even destroy a few thousand emails, the many tens of thousands of families in Mexico and Central America that he's been teasing with his amnesty pen and amnesty phone have all shown up for "happy hour ", and real American kids all over the country are suddenly coming down with some mystery respiratory virus that no one has a vaccine for or knows where it came from and no one's copping to where the Central American kids were put, the Supreme court has made a very narrow ruling about abortifacients that could have been easily dealt with with a little compromise, the middle east has blown up and every General in the world is saying that there's no way at all to defeat ISIS without ground forces, Iran is gonna get to keep its nukes and delivery systems, Putin gets to keep the Crimean peninsula and Eastern Ukraine, immigrant activists want an amnesty, labor activists want a $15/hr minimum wage, student activists want loan forgiveness, eco activist want to deep six the Keystone Pipeline, Islamists are beheading anyone they can lay hands on and butchering infidels, the White House is open to anyone who can run the 100 in under 14 seconds, you can get cleared to ride on an elevator with the president if you've had no more than two felony convictions and you're licensed to carry a concealed weapon and so what does he do? I'll tell you what he does: he takes Mayor Emanuel's advice to never let a good crisis go to waste and he creates a class warfare apocalypse, by again openly calling for an "us against them", race war, class war, war on the 1%, war on women, war on homosexuals, war on the transgendered, war on the Washington Redskins, war on Muslims, and war on immigrant mind set.

You may not like this guy, but you almost have to admire his skills at misdirection.

But that’s just what an average guy thinks

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