Monday, November 17, 2014

The Predictable Lie Of Net Neutrality

So now the president has come out in favor of “Internet Neutrality” and he’s made a point to say that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency and will arrive at its own decisions about how to proceed, a statement which one wants to respond to with a cynical “mm hm”.

The idea as it is put forward is to guarantee the free flow of data across the internet without allowing large companies to get preferred access to high speed services. Proponents continually speak of the big corporations and how they must be controlled. They say that the internet needs to be regulated like any other public utility. Like electricity. It sounds so reasonable. This is a false narrative on several different levels.

To begin with, public utilities charge larger users much much less than residential users. Larger users are easier to supply, and are more reliable and consistent customers for whatever the utility might me.

Secondly, this is the same president who made the statement that “too much information could be a distraction, a diversion" that it can put "pressure on our country and on our democracy." Seriously? Because I’ve always heard that knowledge is power. But then it seems that the governmental goal in this case is the limitation of power by the limitation of information.

And lastly, can you believe ANYTHING that you hear coming out of Washington DC these days? Politifact awarded the president the award for the Biggest Lie Of The Year of 2013. And now publicly recorded video of Jonathan Gruber (an MIT economics professor and major contributor to the 2000 page monstrosity known colloquially as 0bamaCare) is surfacing in which he details the foundation of lies that the legislation rests on. Each lie is detailed (like a serial killers unashamed confessions) from the original goal to the rational and particulars. They include and showcase the arrogant elitist view that Americans are just too stupid and uniformed to make a rational decision given the relevant information. It’s actually quite breathtaking.

The reason I mention 0bamaCare in relation to the policy charade of Net Neutrality are the lies that underpin everything that the current administration is attempting to do. If you’re one of the 86% of Americans who likes their health care, nothing will change. Every family will see a savings of $2,400 per year. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan you can keep your plan. This is NOT a tax. It takes effect on this date. No. It takes effect on THIS date. No. THIS date. We’re going to tax union policies. No. Not for several more years yet. ALL LIES. All deliberate, committee crafted, focus grouped tested lies told for the sole purpose of doing what the elite governing class knows is best and nationalizing what was once the best, most highly respected health care system in the world. Government OF the people BY the elite political class.

Back to Internet Neutrality. Many Americans have a deep seated mistrust of large companies (painstakingly developed over the years by the entertainment industry and the progressive education establishment) and this mistrust is being used against us now in order to take control of the internet. Everyone recognizes the irony in the phrases “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, and “there’s no problem so simple that the government can’t make it worse”, or “If the government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, in ten years there’d be a sand shortage”. Everyone KNOWS that you can’t win at Three Card Monte and yet the American people keep paying to try and find that Ace. We keep clapping our hands to show we believe, clicking our heels together and hoping that when we open our eyes something will have happened and the obvious lies will all turn out to have been true. But as long as we willingly go along with the open and undeniable lies and deception the result will always be the same.

But that’s just what an average guy thinks.

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